Why Red Barchetta?

Two reasons, actually.  First of all, Red Barchetta by Rush from the Moving Pictures albumn is probably one of my favorites from the band.  It tells the story of a time when cars are outlawed, but a loving Uncle keeps a Red Barchetta Ferarri for his nephew to drive.  

Secondly, the old style Ferarris are just something I admire and I felt a bike built with this inspiration would be something special.  The photo below is what I am using as a guide for the bike for shapes, color, and chrome.

Photo Gallery


Red Barchetta Project

I purchased this bike back in 2015 with the intent of making it my first rehab project.  I have always wanted to tear down and rebuild a bike, and this 2007 Yamaha V-Star 1100 was the perfect opportunity.  On this page I will post updates and pictures as to my progress.